About Tripletote™

Tripletote™ is the world’s first Handsfree Multi-tote for people who carry more than one bag, pocketbook, umbrella, etc. as they travel, commute, and shop.

The idea for Tripletote came about from seeing my mom, a retiring nurse, struggle to carry multiple bags to work every day. She had arthritis in both hands and would carry a pocketbook, a medicine bag, along with a lunch. I said “There’s gotta be a better way”.

Whenever I would travel and make my way through the airport I’d see passengers trying to balance a carry-on, a laptop bag, and a neck pillow. I’d think to myself “That guy needs a luggage organizer”.

And finally, I was at the mall during a busy holiday season and saw people in droves carrying shopping bags. I noticed the hassle they encountered when trying to hold those bags and pick out new clothes to try on. Or how the twine handles of the shopping bags would dig into their hands. TRIPLETOTE WAS BORN!

Tripletote is the world’s first Handsfree Multi-Tote for people who carry multiple items as they travel, commute, and shop. It’s my goal to make Tripletote the “extra set of hands” we all wish we had.

Founder, Tripletote™

Additional Benefits

Tripletote was designed alongside a board certified chiropractor. The product assists in biomechanically carrying loads in a comfortable, distributed pattern. Tripletote helps carry the force of the load closer to the spine than by carrying items by hand.

To help prevent back pain, it is more comfortable to carry loads using Tripletote than by hand. It is also helps prevent finger and arm injuries by eliminating the continual strain of clutching multiple bags and items.

-Patent Pending-